Will the 2nd generation AirPods Pro come in two sizes?

If you’ve been waiting for a new pair of AirPods, or you’re due for a TWS upgrade, a successor to Apple’s popular in-ear AirPods Pro is rumoured to be in the works for 2021. Information thus far has been fairly scarce, although the company is rumoured to be working on a way to eliminate the “stem” of the AirPods—which would give the earbuds a look that’s a lot more similar to… buds.

However, some new information has been leaked—although it’s worth mentioning that the leakster in question has been incorrect in the past with some of his Apple-related predictions. Still, Mr white, also known as @laobaiTD on Twitter, has also shared accurate information previously, so make of that what you will.

In any case, let’s have a look at the leaked images:


Basically, the photos show off internal components that will supposedly be part of the second-generation AirPods Pro; the image on the right might be the current AirPods Pro, while the other photo shows off upcoming 2nd gen AirPods Pro hardware. Based on the difference in size of the components, Mr white claims that the upcoming AirPods Pro might come in two sizes, whiling using the W2 chip under the hood (third photo).

It’s also worth noting that this hardware might simply be from prototype devices. In other words, these ideas/devices might never see the commercial light of day—even if the images are of genuine, Apple-made hardware. As mentioned above, Apple might also be redesigning the current form-factor of the AirPods Pro, so perhaps the components above might also cover the successor to the current generation AirPods.

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In any case, two sizes doesn’t really make much sense for the AirPods Pro—or even TWS earbuds in general. Unless we’re talking about over-ear or on-ear headphones, TWS earbuds usually come with a variety of differently-sized ear tips to achieve a good fit, so it’s a vague idea that doesn’t really make too much sense to me.

It’s also unclear what Mr white meant when he said the upcoming AirPods Pro will use “still W2 chips”. The current generation AirPods Pro use the H1 chip, while the first-generation AirPods use the W1 chip—perhaps he’s referring to a new processor altogether? And yet, his use of the word “still” indicates that this is a processor from an existing product.

For now, there has been no confirmation on a date for the new AirPods Pro, but keep your ear to the ground for 2021 (and keep SoyaCincau.com bookmarked for the latest developments, of course).


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