This widget brings Nokia’s Classic Snake II game to your iPhone and Apple Watch

The mobile gaming genre has taken huge strides over the past couple of years, but you could argue that it all started with Nokia‘s classic candybar phones. Snake, and the sequel, Snake II, filled many happy hours for Nokia users everywhere back in the day, and if you’re like me, you probably went a little overboard with the simple, offline (of course) game.

If you wanted to put away Fortnite and PUBG for a second and take a trip down memory lane, this might just hit the spot. App Craft Studio’s Retro Widget 2 has just been released, and it leverages off iOS 14’s widget tools to offer and old-school Nokia-like homescreen.

When the first version was launched, one of the most common requests, according to App Craft Studio, was the inclusion of a fully-functional version of the classic Snake II game. Additionally, you can also play the game on an Apple Watch, using the digital crown to control the direction of your snake.

The aim of the game, for the uninitiated, is to “grow” your snake by consuming tidbits on the screen (one at a time). The main challenge is to use space on the screen economically, and the longer the snake is, the higher your ending score. As anyone who’s played will tell you, the secret is to plan ahead—although that can be difficult in a high pressure game,of course.

As with all mobile games from that era, there was no multiplayer/online support—and it didn’t need it, to be honest. However, the iPhone-ready game has Game Centre Leaderboards, 9 levels, and 5 original mazes that you can navigate through, so you should be covered for a couple of hours at least.

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As a whole, Retro Widget 2 allows you to use widgets to turn your iPhone’s homescreen into a classic Nokia smartphone. The creators said that an old Nokia 3310 reverse engineered to create the widget, with custom fonts and sketches used to recreate the vintage interface.

Unlike the original Snake II, however, Retro Widget 2 is not free of charge. Instead, it’s priced at USD1.99 (~RM8.08). If you already have Retro Widget (without Classic Snake II), you can upgrade for free. To find out more about Retro Widget 2 and App Craft Studio, click here.