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Here’s how the London Underground perfectly promoted PlayStation 5

PlayStation teamed up with Transport for London to change up the look of the London Underground signs—but only temporarily. They’re added to match the iconic shapes on the PlayStation controllers.

“If you’re passing Oxford Circus station, keep a look out for our special roundels in iconic PlayStation shapes!” wrote Transport for London on their Facebook page.

The original shape for the London Underground logo does in fact have a red circle—one of the four iconic PlayStation shapes. For the temporary revamp, the Oxford Circus Tube station entrances now also include the magenta square, the teal triangle and the blue X.

Other stations have also been rebranded as part of the campaign. Mile End station which will be known as “Miles End” in honour of the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Seven Sisters is now “Gran Turismo 7 Sisters”, West Ham is “Horizon Forbidden West Ham”, and Lancaster Gate is “Ratchet and Clankaster Gate”.

The Oxford Circus signs will remain up just for 48 hours on 18 and 19 November. The name changes for Mile End, Lancaster Gate, Seven Sisters, and West Ham will stay up until 16 December.

PlayStation 5 will be officially launched in Malaysia on 11 December 2020. However, it might be hard to get one as the console sold out almost immediately when it opened for pre-order in Malaysia.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Editon costs RM1,869. The PlayStation 5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray drive) costs RM2,299.

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