If it’s not already obvious, DO NOT blow vape smoke into an Xbox

The hype over next generation consoles is real. The PS5 has sold out at multiple outlets around Malaysia, and Microsoft’s Xbox has been the subject of a number of hoax videos recently as well. The videos depict the Xbox Series X smoking—supposedly because the console is overheating as it handles next-gen graphics.

However, the reality is a little more boring. It appears that the “smoke” in the videos are from e-cigarettes—or vapes, as they’re commonly referred to. Best for you to have a look yourself:


What do you think? Do the videos look believable? In any case, users online have explained that the videos of the “smoking” consoles can be easily replicated by using a vape—and blowing into the vents when the Xbox Series X console is turned off. Turn it on, and the fans kick into gear, blowing out a cloud of vapour (not actual smoke) when the console is placed vertically.

In any case, Microsoft has issued a warning of its own in response:

I can’t believe Microsoft had to say that either, to be honest. Vapes expel large amounts of water vapour (hence, the name), which can be detrimental to the insides of electronics. As such, you shouldn’t be blowing vapour into any electronics… not just your brand new Xbox Series X.

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In any case, there is some basis for the hoax, I guess. Back in the day, the Xbox 360 had the infamous red ring of death, which basically happened when your console was… well, dead. Plus, we’ve also seen electronics catch fire spontaneously in the past, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7—let’s not talk too much about that.

So, what do you guys think? Did you fall for the hoax?