iPhone 12 isn’t available yet, but you can still pretend that you’re rich on Instagram. Here’s how

Digital graphic designer @zacwzd on Instagram has created a filter on the platform that will make people think you own an iPhone 12. Seeing as the iPhone 12 isn’t yet available in Malaysia, you might be able to trick some of your friends into thinking you were able to get the phone early—a weird flex but you do you, I suppose.

@zacwzd is no newbie to making pretty creative Instagram filters. He’s also created a cute Christmas themed filter, as well as a “What’s for supper?” filter. The latter is actually a pretty great idea, especially if you’re the type to not know what to eat for supper.

If you’re interested in looking through what filters he’s got, here’s how:

  • Visit his profile (you can only use the filters if you’re using your phone)
  • Press on the sparkly smiley icon highlighted in red above for the filters section
  • Choose the filter you’d like to use
  • Press on “Try It”
  • Enjoy!

I don’t think that the iPhone 12 filter looks incredibly realistic, and people viewing your Stories will also be able to see the name of the filter you’re using—so I didn’t think that it could fool anyone. However, after trying the iPhone 12 filter and posting it on my Stories, I can say that it has convinced a couple people that I had the real deal on my table.

You can adjust the placement, as well as the size of the iPhone 12 box before taking a picture. Of course, you can even use the filter to make a video—that will definitely make your claim seem more realistic.

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Previously, there’s also an Instagram filter going around of a very convincing looking Sony PlayStation 5 box. That viral Instagram filter has also been used by local brands like myBurgerLab and Asia Pacific University.

If you’re looking into getting an actual iPhone 12, the series will be arriving in Malaysia on the 13th November 2020. To secure your unit, here’s how to can pre-order them (pre-orders start tonight at 9pm!).


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