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Galaxy Fold update: Samsung is bringing over the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s best software features

Along with upgraded internals, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a bunch of software features that take advantage of the phone’s folding form-factor, and its larger cover display. A particularly useful one, as we discovered, allows you to use the cover display as a viewfinder, while taking selfies with the camera’s main camera setup. And if you own the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung has confirmed that some of the smartest features from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will now be available for Galaxy Fold users soon.

In a new update, Samsung is including a number of camera and productivity-centric features for the Galaxy Fold, including:

  • App Pair
  • Edge Panel
  • Horizontal Multi-Active Window layout
  • Wireless Samsung DeX
  • Auto framing
  • Capture View Mode
  • Dual Preview
  • Rear Cam Selfie
  • Improved Pro Video Mode

App Pair, for example, will give Galaxy Fold users the ability to save multi-window layouts, which you can now pull up directly from the new Edge Panel. Meanwhile, Samsung is also including wireless functionality for their mobile desktop solution, Samsung DeX. However, do note that we’ve experienced issues with Wireless DeX where the quality of the content on the larger display looks severely compressed (via the Galaxy Tab S7+).

As mentioned earlier, you’re also getting Rear Cam Selfies, along with other camera modes that take advantage of the foldable form-factor (and dual-screens). Capture View Mode, for one, allows you to see five of the latest photos/videos on the left side of the main screen, while the other half will display your viewfinder for taking new photos.

Meanwhile, Pro Video Mode on the Galaxy Fold now supports 21:9 shooting and 24 fps. You can also use Single Take to take 15 seconds worth of content so that you can pick the “best moment”.

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Samsung says that the update will begin rolling out next week in the U.S. to Galaxy Fold users, although The Verge reports that the update will be globally available on Monday. While waiting, you can check out this episode of HTWI, where we discuss some of the features above—and how to use them.

To read the full breakdown from Samsung, click here.

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