TGV lets you play your PS4 or Switch in their cinemas from RM180

Apart from GSC, TGV is also offering its cinemas for you to play your Nintendo Switch or Sony PlayStation 4 on a bigger screen. You can bring your own console and rent their halls from RM180. For a group of 20, that’s RM9 per person.

TGV offers a total of 3 packages. The base Master package lets you use their cinema hall for 3 hours for RM180. If you need popcorn and drinks, you can get the Epic package which offers 3 hours of usage and 5x regular popcorn combos for RM230. Meanwhile, its highest Legend Package at RM280 gives you 4 hours of in-hall gaming and a choice of 5x regular popcorn or hot food combos.

If you need more time, an extra hour would cost you RM50/hour. As part of the cinema rules, outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Similar to GSC, the console and games are not included, so you’ll have to bring your own equipment. Customers are advised to come at least 20 minutes earlier to set up the console for the big screen.

According to TGV’s FAQ, they accept any console that uses HDMI and you can enjoy 7.1 surround sound audio if your console supports it. Unfortunately, they do not support PCs or laptops at the moment. Interestingly, it is also stated that you can bring several HDMI-capable consoles as you wish but do note that your gameplay is limited to the time you’ve booked.

TGV also recommends that you perform all software updates at home before bringing your console to the cinema. If you need to play online, TGV says that internet connection varies by location and you can contact them to find out more. The FAQ also states that local wireless and offline tournaments are allowed but with a maximum of 20 guests, however, they do not support tournaments that require internet connection at this time.

As part of the normal cinema rules and regulations, TGV says customers are not allowed to record in the hall and they also do not support live-streams of game events.

If you plan to book, you can email TGV at sales [@] Bookings must be made at least 1 week in advance, and the halls and time slots are subject to availability. As part of its promo, customers that book a hall will stand a chance to win a Sony PS4.

Unlike GSC which is limited to just 4 cinemas at the moment, TGV’s cinema rental for gaming is available at all TGV locations except for the Klang Valley due to the CMCO. For more info, check out TGV’s private cinema page.

So which games do you want to play on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.


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