iPhone 12 box in France creates even more trash, and it still doesn’t come with a charger

Around the world, Apple has ditched the charger and EarPods for their iPhone 12 box—supposedly part of the company’s sustainability effort to reduce carbon emissions through its products. But in France, apparently they still get EarPods.

Source: iGeneration

In France, it is illegal to omit the in-ear headphones from the phone packaging as it’s considered “potentially harmful for the brain to absorb radio-frequency energy”. The country encourages users to use headphones for picking up calls to keep the phone away from the side of their head.

The solution? Apple inserted a box with its EarPods at the bottom of the box that contains the smartphone. However, this creates a separate problem—it creates even more waste.

As seen in the video above by the French channel TheiCollection, France’s iPhone 12 comes in a relatively larger box. It also contains the phone and the USB-C-to-Lightning charging cable—but still no charger.

“France is the only market in the world where Apple will provide EarPods headphones with its iPhone 12. But the manufacturer has no way of expanding the packaging of smartphones just for the pests that we are! The manufacturer delivers the iPhone and the headphones in two separate packages,” wrote French media site iGeneration.

As for Malaysia, we’ll get the same “no charger and EarPods” packaging as almost the rest of the world. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are already listed on Apple Malaysia’s website.

It is odd that there’s a ruling that in-ear headphones must be included with the phone. If you look at the Xiaomi Redmi 9 and Mi 10T Pro pages in the French website, they do not include the headphones in the box.

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Dzamira Dzafri