Garmin Catalyst is an AI-powered racing coach that helps you drive your best lap

Garmin has released the Catalyst track recorder that is aimed at serious motorsports enthusiasts who are looking to improve their performance on the track. The new in-car coaching tool is a standalone performance data logger and lap timer that analyses your driving performance and offers tips on how to improve. 

Physically, the Catalyst is about the size of a small tablet, featuring a 6.95” (1024 x 600-pixel resolution) IPS touch screen and weighing in at 437g. It also comes with a microSD card slot and 16GB of internal storage.

Garmin said the device uses its True Track Positioning technology which utilises a combination of different sensors. This includes built-in accelerometers, a 1080p HD remote camera and image processors. It also uses a 10Hz multi-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) system that receives signals from multiple navigation satellite systems for high-precision positioning. 

The remote cam, which has a 140-degree field of view, also automatically records videos your lap so you can play it back later and review your performance along with time-synced data overlays.

All of these systems work together to accurately trace a vehicle’s path on the track. It does this by analysing captured race data and simulates an optimum achievable lap time that drivers can work towards to.

Drivers are then able to utilise this data on the track by enabling live audio feedback on the Catalyst. You could say it is almost like having a virtual race coach riding shotgun with you, verbally offering tips when to brake and talks you through each turn from every corner entry to exit. Drivers can receive these instructions through a compatible headset or stream via Bluetooth to the car’s audio system.

Off the track, the Catalyst lets you immediately review the performance of your last lap on the track on the device itself. Drivers can also compare performance data from other sessions and get suggestions on where they can do better.

It comes preloaded with a track database featuring road courses from around the world. The company said that users can also add courses to the database too. In addition to that, drivers can access their data summaries on their smartphone or computer through the Garmin Connect app.

The Garmin Catalyst is available now in the U.S. and is priced at USD999 (~RM4,145). According to Garmin, the Catalyst is sold together with a heavy-duty suction cup or screw-down mount and remote cam. For more information visit Garmin’s website.

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