Airbnb restricts members under 25 from booking entire homes in select countries

Airbnb has introduced new measures to reduce unauthorised parties during the current pandemic situation. New members under 25 years old in the UK, France and Spain will not be permitted to book entire homes through its platform.

This is part of its crackdown on rowdy parties which has caused problems with neighbours at certain communities. It comes at a time where there’s a growing concern that people are not following social distancing measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The accommodation platform has started testing a ban on members under 25-years old that have less than 3 positive reviews from booking entire homes at locations near where they live. Members below 25 will be able to book entire homes if they have at least 3 positive reviews and has no negative review. The restrictions are exempted for youths planning to book long-term stays or for private rooms.

Airbnb has said in a statement that “The restriction is intended to protect local communities while still allowing younger guests to book listings outside of their local area.” It added “Airbnb is committed to being good partners to communities and today’s announcement follows a series of measures taken by the platform to clampdown on antisocial behaviour and unauthorised parties.”

Apart from Europe, Airbnb has also tested similar measures in the United States and Canada. They have also taken steps to ban gatherings that violate public health mandates due to the pandemic.


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Alexander Wong