Razr 5G: Motorola sends out not-so-subtle hint for September launch event

Many of us still look back on the days when Motorola’s classic Razr flip phone was the must-have mobile device. The company has tried—and failed—to replicate that success with the reborn foldable, Android-powered Motorola Razr; however, a combination of pricing and specs proved to be an obstacle.

It appears that the folks over at Motorola aren’t deterred, however, with rumours that a second generation Razr would be arriving soon—with 5G, no less. Now, we have the strongest indication yet that the Motorola Razr 5G (unconfirmed name) is set to be launched very soon.

As The Verge reports, invites to a launch event on the 9th of September 2020 have been sent out to the press, although Motorola isn’t officially revealing what the subject of the event will be just yet. Instead, the event will unveil a device that will “flip the smartphone experience once again”—an obvious reference to the Motorola Razr’s form factor.

Additionally, the invite also contained a GIF of… what looks a lot like a side profile of a smartphone. Again, this isn’t a confirmed official sighting of the Motorola Razr; the clip ends with a “save the date” message for the event.

Razr 5G

While official specs have yet to be revealed, details have already been leaked in recent weeks. Besides a few subtle design tweaks to the first-gen Razr, we could also be seeing 5G support, an upgraded Snapdragon 765G, and a larger (but still tiny) 2,845mAh battery on the Motorola Razr 5G.

Other possible specs include a 6.2″ display, a 48MP main shooter, and memory options of up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. Previously, we mentioned that we expected to see the Razr 5G being launched sometime during Q4 2020—now, it appears that Motorola has fast-tracked the launch of their second (modern, Android-based) foldable smartphone.

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So, what do you think? The first folding-screen Motorola Razr was certainly underwhelming, although it held/holds a certain amount of nostalgia for many users out there. However, Motorola will be hoping that refreshed internals and some tweaks will position the Razr 5G well against its main competitor, the Galaxy Z Flip.


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