Nas Daily crosses over to Spotify, first podcast episode is now live


Nuseir Yassin is a name that has garnered widespread attention around the world—or rather, his show Nas Daily has. 1,000 one-minute videos were uploaded daily onto Facebook and YouTube, all of them ending with the now-familiar tagline: “That’s one minute, see you tomorrow!”

Now, the Israel-born creator has announced a new podcast series that is exclusive to Spotify. Episodes will be around 45 minutes in length, with Nas (short for Nuseir) saying that his first foray into long-form content will allow for “longer discussions with other points of view”.

This will certainly be a change for his fans who have grown accustomed to punchy, short-form video content—although he says that “if you liked the videos, you’re going to love the podcast”.

“I want to go very deep into the topics that matter.”

Nas says that episodes will be released on a weekly basis, and topics will include personal, timely, and controversial issues “that matter”. The longer format of the podcast episodes will also mean that Nas—along with his guests—will be able to discuss issues “honestly and openly”. Guests will include Filipino American vlogger Wil Dasovich as well as Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari during the early episodes.

This makes some sense, with the Nas Daily show highlighting various cultures and stories around the world. While part of the appeal for the series stemmed from the digestible, short-form nature of the videos, Nas says that it can be difficult to truly tell a full story in such a short video:

“Going into podcasting makes perfect sense for the Nas Daily journey. It’s hard to deep dive into topics in less than three minutes, and I’m looking forward to longer discussions with other points of view. It’s my first venture into long-form content and I am thrilled to partner with Spotify to bring this show to life.”


The first episode has already gone live on Spotify, and like other podcasts on the platform, will be free to access for users. With a fanbase comprising over 26 million fans across the globe, it will certainly be interesting to see if Nas Talks manages to garner the same sort of success that Nas Daily did.

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Interested? Click here for the first episode of Nas Talks: The Hidden Story of Nas Daily. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.