Acer and Osim’s new Predator gaming chair offers soothing massage and has built-in Bluetooth speakers

Acer recently refreshed its line of Predator gaming laptops, desktops and monitors during its recent Global Press Conference. But there was one product that stood out from the rest. The new Predator Gaming Chair x Osim

On the outside, the chair is clad in black carbon fibre patterned PVC leather with metallic dark grey and teal accents. There is no mistaking that this is a chair made for gamers but it wouldn’t look out of place in an office either. 

While the product definitely left us scratching our heads when it was first revealed, upon further reflection it actually makes a lot of sense. Professional gamers and eSports enthusiasts alike spend long hours in front of computers. This often results in them experiencing neck strain and lower back pain.

According to Acer, its new gaming chair uses Osim’s proprietary V-Hand Massage Technology to emulate the experience of being massaged by a professional masseuse. To achieve this, it utilises a host of massage techniques such as knead, press, roll and tap that cover a user’s entire back. Acer claims the chair is able to help keep gamers relaxed and limber while they play. 

When you are done gaming and need to relax, the Predator Gaming Chair x Osim is able to recline up to 145-degrees. The controls are neatly integrated on the right armrest, giving gamers full control of the chair’s massage functions.

The chair features three automatic massage programs to choose from: neck & shoulders, lumbar and energize. Each program is said to have been designed by a massage expert and targets common pain points for gamers such as the neck, shoulder and lumbar regions.

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The Predator Gaming Chair x Osim allows gamers to further customise its massage settings by adjusting the chair’s rollers to six different shoulder positions in order to cater to people of differing heights. If you have a sore spot that is bothering you, the chair can even be programmed to spot-massage that particular area.

To help enhance your massage experience, Acer has included two built-in Bluetooth speakers on the headset. This enables gamers to listen to some relaxing music as they are being massaged or immerse themselves in a game without needing to reach for a pair of headphones.

The Predator Gaming Chair x Osim definitely isn’t the most outlandish thing Acer has introduced in recent memory. That honour goes to its all-in-one gaming chair the Predator Thronos, which cost RM56,999

Though Acer has not announced the pricing of the gaming chair, it definitely won’t cost as much and should be within reach of the average gamer.

While there is still no word on the pricing and availability of the Predator Gaming Chair X Osim in Malaysia, you can still register your interest to buy one from this website. The first 200 pre-orders stand to receive an Osim uVision 3 Eye Massager with your purchase.

Acer has however confirmed that it will be shipping its first batch of gaming chairs in August. The company said that it intends to bring the chair to Malaysia but did not say when it would.

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