World of Buzz gets banned on Malaysia subreddit for a month

World of Buzz, which claims to be the #1 social news site in Malaysia, has been banned on Malaysia subreddit due to suspicious activities. The ban on World of Buzz content was announced yesterday and it would last for a month.

A moderator explained on the announcement page that they have caught World of Buzz doing “dodgy stuff on the sub”. It was alleged that the site has been posting their links with a throwaway account.

In a recent Reddit post about a supposed Malaysian girl that failed to get sponsored by JPA, it was said that the false allegation went viral due to a WOB article posted back in 2017. When people started criticising World of Buzz, some users have noticed new accounts were created to defend the site.

Alleged postings made with throwaway accounts

Based on the findings, the moderators have decided to impose a blanket ban on all of World of Buzz content on the sub for one month. Any post that contains a link to WOB will be deleted automatically and shall be pointed to the announcement post for further explanation. The moderator shared that making announcement public seems like a fair consequence to the site for attempting to artificially boost their reputation.

They have also emphasised that such actions were not only unethical but it was a breach of Reddit’s self-promotion policy. The moderators also added that they would permanently ban the site from the sub if they do this again.

At the time of writing, it appears that World of Buzz has reached out to one of the moderators to apologise over the issue. According to one of the latest updates, World of Buzz is currently running an internal investigation and they claim that a person named in the announcement post wasn’t responsible as he’s a part-timer that writes for the site during the weekends. Despite the latest developments, the ban still remains in effect.


Alexander Wong