U Mobile is offering the iPhone SE with free insurance from RM41/month

U Mobile has revealed its iPhone SE contract options on its network and it’s offered on its Unlimited Hero P99 and P139 plan with a 24-month duration. On top of that, U Mobile is offering free GoInsure 3 PA insurance coverage up to 24 months if you get the iPhone SE 2020 on the Unlimited Hero P139 plan.

Standard Contract

Here are the iPhone SE pricing on U Mobile’s standard contract:

Unlimited Hero P99
64GB – RM1,019
128GB – RM1,289
256GB – RM1,749

Unlimited Hero P139
64GB – RM499
128GB – RM699
256GB – RM1,119

On a standard contract, you’ll have to pay the subsidised iPhone SE price upfront along with an advance payment which will be rebated back to your monthly bills across 24 months. On P99, the required advance payment is RM720 while on P139, you’ll have to fork out RM1,056. For existing customers that meet U Mobile’s eligibility criteria, you can enjoy a waiver for the advance payment.

Upackage Instalment Program

If you prefer to get the iPhone SE on instalment, below is the all-in monthly price excluding 6% service tax.

Unlimited Hero P99
64GB – RM153/month (RM54 phone + RM99 plan)
128GB – RM158/month (RM59 phone + RM99 plan)
256GB – RM178/month (RM79 phone + RM99 plan)

Unlimited Hero P139
64GB – RM180/month (RM41 phone + RM139 plan)
128GB – RM188/month (RM49 phone + RM139 plan)
256GB – RM208/month (RM69 phone + RM139 plan)

Do note that you’ll have to pay 3 months commitment upfront. For example, if you’re getting the iPhone SE 64GB on P99, you’ll have to pay RM459 during registration.

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For more info, you can visit U Mobile’s iPhone SE page.

Alexander Wong