[UPDATED] MOH retracts allegation that MyEG’s RM99 COVID-19 rapid test kit is fake

[ UPDATE 24/3/2020 21:15 ] MDA has clarified that MyEG is not given permission to advertise, distribute or sell COVID-19 testing kits. More details here.


The Ministry of Health has retracted its Facebook post which alleged that MyEG’s RM99 COVID-19 rapid testing kit is fake news. The social posting had raised questions on the testing kit which claims to produce instant results in just 30 minutes but MyEG had insisted that its product isn’t fake.

In a press statement released today, MyEG thanked the Ministry of Health for removing the post on its social media page. The government e-services provider has shared that the COVID-19 rapid testing kit which is developed by a reputable Chinese biomedical firm has been cleared for use by health authorities in China and Europe. Now the kits are pending approval and certification from the Ministry of Health.

While waiting for clearance, MyEG says they are working in parallel to accept pre-orders via its website in order to secure availability from its partner and to ensure there’s sufficient supply once the product certification is obtained. The testing kit is sold in packs of 10 which costs RM990. To pre-order, you are required to place a 50% deposit of RM495, which MyEG says is refundable.

The testing kit claims to detect the virus by using blood samples obtained from finger-pricking. It is designed to detect the presence of COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibodies which are produced within 3-7 days of infection.

MyEG claims that more governments worldwide including the US FDA have approved the use of rapid testing kits to accelerate diagnostic testing capabilities due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. The company believes that the simplicity of these rapid test kits can provide an accessible option to increase testing amongst Malaysians which can help in early detection.

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We’ve reached out to Ministry of Health on Wednesday and we are still waiting for an official response from them on the matter.

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