eJamin: Online bail payment system only takes 30 minutes

When it comes to the development of digital payment solutions, most of us think of eWallets such as Grab. And that continued development has meant that digital payment solutions have become more prevalent across different sectors—including paying for parking in parking complexes. But one of the more surprising digital payment solutions has now been announced as part of a collaboration between Dapat Vista, Bank Islam Malaysia, and Bank Muamalat Malaysia—a digital bail payment called eJamin.

This is the first digital payment system that will allow for bail payments to be made online through “mobile devices and desktops”. This means that the time that’s usually required for the bail payment process (an estimated 4–5 hours) has now been significantly reduced, with the folks over at Dapat Vista predicting that the entire process of bail payment now takes just 30 minutes.

The system is already being used in certain courts, with 30% of bailors in selected courts now using eJamin—this, according to Dapat Vista, is an indication of a strong trust in online payment solutions, even for tasks that are as crucial as bail payments.

“Taking into consideration the bailor’s state of mind in the challenging situation of having to post bail, a simple and straightforward navigation interface was created. 30% of bailors are now using the eJamin system in certain courts.”

The process is fairly simple. First, the bailor needs to fill up an electronic form on eJamin with the personal details of the accused and of him/herself, with FPX online interchange available. Then, the bail money is then routed to a designated account—from Bank Islam or Bank Muamalat. Even refunds are handled on the eJamin portal, although we don’t have a set period of time. (Dapat Vista tells us that refunds will be made “within a reasonably short time”).

“The bailing process can be a long and tedious procedure especially during this stressful period. With this in mind, eJamin provides bailors a convenient and smooth bail payment experience. Developed in compliance with the current judicial legal procedures, this collaboration doubles down on convenience to both bailors and accused.”

– Encik Sabri Rahman, Executive Director of Dapat Vista

The digital payment service is only supported at a few courts, although there are plans to deploy the service at all courts nationwide by the end of 2020:

  • Petaling Jaya Court Complex
  • Kuala Lumpur Court Complex
  • Shah Alam Court Complex
  • Klang Court Complex
  • Ampang Court Complex
  • Selayang Court Complex
  • Kajang Court Complex
  • Seremban Court Complex

The eJamin service is certainly a welcome addition to an otherwise long and arduous process, and it’s encouraging to see digital solutions being used across industries of increasing variety. If there’s a bone to pick here, it’s that eJamin doesn’t appear to be available via a mobile app for Android or iOS. While the portal is still available on mobile devices, it looks like you’ll have to use a mobile browser—and to be honest, no one wants to be making big, crucial payments on mobile browsers anymore.

The eJamin portal is available in both Bahasa Melayu and English languages. To find out more, click here.