Govt allocates 300,000 extra free digital TV decoders for B40 and OKU

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has announced that the government will be spending RM30 million to distribute 300,000 digital TV decoders for registered B40 households and people with disabilities (OKU) throughout the country. These are additional decoders on top of the initial 2 million free decoders that have been allocated through MYTV.

A total 3,000 free myFreeview decoders will be distributed to registered B40 households and people with disabilities in Sabah from 20th to 22nd February 2020. Distribution in Sarawak is currently ongoing and it’s also taking place in other states in phases. According to the MCMC, the additional allocation of free decoders is an effort by the government to bridge the digital divide and to uplift the underprivileged groups across the country.

myFreeview digital TV service is offered for free with no monthly subscription required. With Digital TV, Malaysians can enjoy better image quality in HD and more channels than before. On top of that digital TV also comes with an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and support for subtitles and interactive services. Analogue TV transmission has been switched off completely in Malaysia on 1st November 2019.

At the moment, myFreeview offers 14 TV channels which include TV1, TV2, TV Okey, Berita RTM, RTM Sports, TV3, ntv7, 8TV, TV9, two CJ Wow Shop channels, Bernama TV, TV Al Hijrah and Astro Go Shop.

MCMC has also shared that TV Okey will focus on content from Sabah and Sarawak. The channel provides an opportunity for local content makers in the two states to collaborate with broadcasters in creating informative and exciting programmes that focus on local cultures and tourism for the state.

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In addition, users can also enjoy 6 RTM radio stations namely Nasional FM, Asyik FM, Klasik Nasional, Traxx FM, Ai FM and Minnal FM.

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