Worth upgrading? Samsung Galaxy Buds + | ICYMI #265

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + will be launched soon and it could be a major update from its predecessor. And apparently there’s a patient who has been infected with the coronavirus has been fully recovered in Langkawi yesterday.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

There are a bunch of great true wireless headphones out there. There’s the Sony WF 1000 mark 3 and the Apple AirPods Pro. But Samsung’s Galaxy Buds can’t seem to compete with these earphones. Well that is about to change because Samsung will be launching their Galaxy Buds + later this month and it is going to be very different from its predecessor.

Setel, the e-payment solution for petrol, is now available nationwide

Setel has just announced that the direct-to-pump fuel payment application is now available in Malaysia. Click here to find out more.

Samsung’s next Galaxy smartwatch could have a huge upgrade

The Galaxy Watch  2 is about to arrive soon and it is believed that it might come with 8GB of storage. More details here.

The first ever Wuhan coronavirus patient in Malaysia has been cured

The first case of the Wuhan virus was confirmed yesterday and I think most of us are pretty scared about this incident. But apparently there’s now a cure. A 4 year old girl from China has fully recovered from the virus in Langkawi and the patient is now allowed to head back home to China.