Wuhan virus: Apple shuts down all stores and offices in China

Apple has announced that it will be shutting down all of its Apple Stores and corporate offices in mainland China due to the current coronavirus outbreak. This is a temporary closure until 9th February 2020.

According to a statement released by Apple, they are closing their offices, stores and contact centres out of an abundance of caution and the decision was made based on the latest advice from leading health experts. They added that the company is looking forward to re-opening its stores as soon as possible.

It was reported that Apple had closed three stores in China earlier this week due to the spread of the virus while employees are being monitored for any sign of the coronavirus. The Cupertino company has also announced employee travel restrictions. A few days ago, Google had also announced that it is closing down its offices in China temporarily while restricting business travel to and from China and Hong Kong.


At the moment, there are 14,550 confirmed cases worldwide with 304 fatalities. In Malaysia, the number of confirmed cases remains at 8 and there are zero deaths reported in the country.


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Alexander Wong