Digi taps on Time fibre network to expand its broadband coverage

Digi has announced a collaboration with Time broadband to expand its fibre broadband footprint to cover more homes across the country. According to Digi, this is a commitment by both parties to support the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan’s (NFCP) aim of providing Malaysians with better access to affordable and high-quality connectivity.

With this partnership, Digi will leverage on Time’s existing fibre broadband infrastructure which will enable them to offer Digi Home Broadband plans to more Malaysians that are staying at high-rise buildings. Time offers a 100% fibre connection in apartments and condominiums that are covered. Prior to this, Digi’s Home Fibre broadband offering is available in Sabah as well as selected areas in the Klang Valley and Melaka.

According to Digi CMO, Loh Keh Jiat, the collaboration with Time allows them to expand their connectivity footprint for more Malaysians to enjoy a seamless and consistent internet experience in and outside the home with Digi. Commenting on the collaboration, Time Executive Director, Lee Guan Hong said “We stand behind the quality fibre broadband infrastructure that TIME has built. Access to TIME’s infrastructure is open to Internet service providers (ISPs) seeking to extend high-speed broadband (HSBB) connectivity to more Malaysians across the country.”

In terms of plans, both telcos offer up to 1Gbps at RM199/month on a 24-month contract. On Digi, they are offering 50Mbps at RM99/month, 100Mbps at RM129/month, 500Mbps at RM159/month and 1Gbps at RM199/month. However, you can get additional monthly savings when you sign up for the plan with a mobile postpaid combo.

Meanwhile, Time offers 100Mbps at RM99/month, 500Mbps at RM139/month and 1Gbps at RM199/month. In case you missed it, Time is now offering more wireless routers options at an extra cost which is great for those that are looking for something better than the usual free router.

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