Here are the top 10 best selling smartphones for Q3 2019

Before the year is out, Counterpoint Research has revealed the top 10 best selling smartphones worldwide for Q3 2019. Although Samsung and Huawei dominate the top two spots for overall shipments by brand, the situation is very different when it comes to specific model sales.

According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone XR is the best selling smartphone in Q3 2019 with a market share of 3.0%. It is also the best seller for 4 consecutive quarters since Q4 2018. They added that the iPhone XR alone had contributed a quarter of total sales for Apple and it is their best selling model in China and several other markets. The newer iPhone 11 which was launched in Q3 2019 had managed to jump into the #5 spot with a market share of 1.6%.

Samsung, the #1 smartphone brand has three entries on the list. The second best selling device is Samsung’s entry-level Galaxy A10 followed by their popular mid-tier device, the Galaxy A50. Both devices have a market share of 2.6% and 1.9% respectively. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A20 takes the #7 spot with a market share of 1.4%. The brand new Galaxy A series (formerly Galaxy J) has been their most popular lineup and this year they have made significant improvements by offering better displays, cameras and battery at an affordable price point.

Oppo also has three models on the top 10 list with the A9 taking 4th place (1.6% market share), followed by the A5s at 6th place (1.5% market share) and the A5 at 8th place (1.3% market share). Interestingly, Xiaomi’s entry-level Redmi 7A takes #9 place with a market share of 1.2% while the Huawei P30 barely enters the list at the #10 spot with a 1.1% market share. It is surprising that none of Huawei’s Y or Nova series has made it to the list.

The top 10 smartphone models in Q3 2019 form a combined market share of 17.2%. According to Counterpoint Research, this is a 9% year on year increase compared to the 15% market share in Q3 2018. However, the combined wholesale revenue for the top 10 models have declined drastically by 30% and this is attributed to the number of affordable mid-tier models on the list.

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The trend is not surprising since the mid-range smartphone segment has gotten a lot better in terms of hardware offering and consumers are getting spoilt for choice with more affordable options. These days, it is easy to get a decent smartphone with a triple-camera setup and a minimum of 4,000mAh battery for less than RM1,000. It is no surprise that more consumers are considering mid-range smartphones as it appears to offer better value than premium flagship options. If you look at the entire list, the only “flagship” options are the iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and the Huawei P30.

With 5G adoption expected to rise in 2020, Counterpoint Research says they are likely to see 5G smartphones appearing on their top 10 model list next year while the mid-range models will continue to gain momentum.


Alexander Wong