LEGO Builder’s Journey is a delightful gem that’s fun to play for everyone

The colourful building blocks known as LEGO is a toy that defies, age and gender. Those who grew up with it would still have fond memories of their favourite sets and the adventures they had while playing with it. 

While the small pieces may be choking hazards for toddlers, it is still a great toy to gift children as it helps them hone their motor skills and stimulate creativity and imagination. Parents can even join in on the fun and help build that imaginary world.

However, LEGO sets can get quite pricey and it is hard to pack especially if you’re going on a family trip. So, your best alternative would be LEGO video games. There have been a number of LEGO video game released over the years that tie-in with Marvel and DC comic book heroes, Star Wars and LEGO’s own proprietary sets. Most of which have proven to be great games for the entire family but are more focused on action.

But if you prefer a game that make you and your child use more of your creative and imaginative noodle instead of just mashing buttons and smashing enemies into tiny bits, then you’ll have to check out the company’s latest addition to the Apple Arcade, LEGO Builder’s Journey.

Developed by Light Brick, a new internal LEGO Games studio, Builder’s Journey is a puzzle and adventure hybrid that follows the journey of a parent and child exploring an enchanting world made from the colourful plastic bricks.

Like the acclaimed puzzle game, Monument Valley, by ustwo Studios Ltd., Builder’s Journey challenges you with puzzles where you have to navigate the duo to the end of the level. To do so, you will have to build various constructs to solve challenges. Some puzzles will require you to follow specific instructions, while others will require you to tap into your creativity and break the rules.

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Each level takes place in a beautifully rendered and diorama-like setting that fits in a single screen. You can move and rotate the entire diorama to get a better look of your surroundings from different angles to help figure the solution for the puzzle. Complementing the unique art style is the calming meditative music that puts you in peaceful state of mind and stimulates your creativity.

The story of Builder’s Journey is also a touching one that focuses on the importance of play, connections and adventures in our lives. It doesn’t even require dialogue or narration to get you attached to it.

LEGO Builder’s Journey is available for download exclusively on Apple Arcade for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.