Maxis now has the widest fibre broadband access in Malaysia

Maxis has just signed an access agreement with TNB’s subsidiary, Allo, for the provision of High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) network services. With this partnership, Maxis can provide fibre broadband access to more consumers and business owners located in Cyberjaya, Bangsar South and Jasin in Melaka.

At the moment, Maxis claims to have the widest fibre broadband access covering over 3.7 million premises. This is based on its own fibre network and through access agreements with TM HSBB, SACOFA, Celcom Timur Sabah as well as Allo. The agreement will allow Maxis to leverage on Allo’s HSBB network services to further expand its fibre footprint in Peninsular Malaysia and offer fibre services to homes and businesses in these locations. Allo will provide the groundwork for all access infrastructure up to the customer’s premises while Maxis will manage the retail and services end.

Allo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) which has successfully implemented a pilot project for NFCP in Jasin, Melaka. The pilot project has showcased the open-access concept whereby customers will have more options on broadband products from various RSPs. Allo is currently expanding its coverage with other planned rollout areas in Peninsular Malaysia which will cover more than 135,000 homes.

TNB CEO, Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan said “With the Access Agreement signed, Maxis is TNB’s first Retail Service Provider (RSP) for High-Speed Broadband throughout Peninsular Malaysia. I am excited to share that the partnership with Maxis is a win-win arrangement. Maxis has given its commitment to also sign a reciprocal agreement whereby Allo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TNB, can also leverage on Maxis’s network infrastructure to deliver service to the customers. “

Commenting on the agreement, Maxis CEO, Gokhan Ogut said, “We have been aggressively expanding our fixed services footprint, as the base platform upon which we will continue to launch our new offerings and solutions. With this partnership, we are taking another significant step forward in delivering our converged solutions with an unmatched personalised experience to more Malaysian homes and businesses.”

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According to Maxis, the agreement reinforces its commitment towards the Government’s National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP). A few months ago, Maxis had signed an access agreement with Celcom Timur in Sabah and they had a similar agreement with SACOFA in Sarawak.

At the moment, Maxis offers 30Mbps fibre broadband at RM89/month and 100Mbps for RM129/month. There are also faster fibre broadband options of 300Mbps at RM149/month, 500Mbps at RM219/month and 800Mbps at RM299/month.

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