Taiwan stops sales of 3 Huawei phones to defend national dignity

Taiwan has suspended sales of three Huawei smartphone models because of the way it labels the country. On the Huawei P30, P30 Pro and Nova 5T, the island nation is listed as “Taiwan, China” under timezones and contacts.

Obviously, Taiwan isn’t happy that it’s labelled as a province under China and the National Communications Commission (NCC) of Taiwan have imposed a sales ban for the affected devices since Thursday until Huawei makes the necessary changes. According to the NCC, the labelling in these phones does not reflect the facts and has even hurt the dignity of their country. The local Taiwanese distributor Xunwei Technologies is said to be in talks with Huawei over the issue.

The recognition of Taiwan has been a sensitive issue and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has insisted that Taiwan is part of its territories. Most recently, Apple had quietly removed the Taiwan flag emoji for devices sold in Hong Kong and Macau. It was also reported that Huawei had previously come under fire in mainland China for not labelling Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau as part of China under some devices’ language settings.

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Alexander Wong