Deal: iPhone 7 128GB now going for RM1,849, iPhone XS from RM4,099

The iPhone 7 and iPhone XS have been discontinued by Apple but you can now enjoy pretty good deals through a couple of authorised retailers in Malaysia. If having more storage is important to you, the iPhone 7 could be a better alternative to the iPhone 8 64GB which is currently priced at RM2,199.

The iPhone 7 128GB which was previously priced at RM1,999 is now slashed by an extra RM150 to RM1,849. If you prefer something bigger, the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB version is now going for RM2,299.

For last year’s iPhone XS, you can get at least RM300 off across all models. Below are the offers spotted from retailer Machines and Switch.

iPhone 7 128GB – RM1,999 RM1,849
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – RM2,499 RM2,299

iPhone XS 64GB – RM4,399 RM4,099
iPhone XS 256GB – RM5,099 RM4,799
iPhone XS 512GB – RM5,999 RM5,699

iPhone XS Max 64GB – RM4,899 RM4,599
iPhone XS Max 256GB – RM5,599 RM5,299
iPhone XS Max 512GB – RM6,499 RM5,999

Since these models are no longer in production, stocks are limited. If you don’t mind not having the latest, these are still capable flagship smartphones. The iPhone XS processors are still top-notch and you do get fantastic stereo speakers along with an impressive camera that can shoot 4K videos in stereo.

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