Apple Malaysia has price-dropped the Apple Watch Series 3 by 31%, now available from RM849

The latest Apple Watch was only just announced, but it (of course) comes with a pretty hefty price. Apple says that prices for the Apple Watch Series 5 will start at RM1,749 in Malaysia, with other editions likely to be even more expensive. One of the notable headline features, for the Watch Series 5, is the addition an Always-On display function that users have been awaiting for some time now.

But for those of you that want to pick up an Apple Watch at a more affordable price, Apple Malaysia has dropped the price of the Apple Watch Series 3 to RM849 for the 38mm version, with the 42mm variant now priced at RM999. Previously, the Apple Watch Series 3’s prices started at RM1,229—that’s a reduction of around 31%.

Meanwhile, authorised dealer, Machines, who were listing the Apple Watch Series 3 at RM1229 for 38mm and RM1,379 for 42mm, has also dropped their prices to match those on the Apple website.

The Watch Series 3 will also be getting the latest watchOS 6 on September 19, which will bring a number of new features to the Apple Watch, including a new Noise app that tells users if the noise levels in the environment are detrimental to their hearing.

For some comparison between the Apple Watch Series 3 and the newly-announced Watch Series 5, both variants of the new Apple Watch are larger—44mm and 40mm—and the Watch Series 5 is 0.7mm thicker. Features-wise, the Watch Series 3 misses out on an electrical heart sensor, compass, fall-detection, and uses an S3 processor as opposed to the new S5 processor in the Watch Series 5. The base model of the Watch Series 3 only has 8GB storage while the new Apple Watch Series 5 packs 32GB of onboard storage.

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If you’re interested, head over to the official Apple site to make purchases, or to find out more.