Lalamove has completed over half a million deliveries in Malaysia

Lalamove has been operating in Malaysia for slightly over a year now and they are an on-demand logistics company that aims to provide greater customer satisfaction through same-day deliveries for both personal and business needs. Since its local debut in August 2018, the company has done over half a million deliveries and are currently receiving up to 3,000 orders per day.

According to Lalamove, they are continuing to fulfil its promise of same-day deliveries with an average delivery time of just over 30 minutes. By understanding the changes in the consumer landscape and the need to combine the convenience of online shopping with immediate product access, they strongly believe that same-day delivery is the next evolutionary step in parcel logistics.

According to Shen Ong, the Managing Director of Lalamove Malaysia, the “last mile” – the final step in delivery to the consumer – is an important segment for Malaysians in the shopping journey. While next-day or two-day delivery is the industry standard, they aim to provide affordable same-day delivery for businesses and consumers. Lalamove strives to provide its users with the convenience of delivering and receiving items from wherever they are, with an efficiency that they can rely on.

The platform currently has over 40,000 registered drivers in Malaysia and it is centred on technology and crowdsourced drivers, which is similar to e-hailing. Using their app that’s available on Apple’s AppStore and Google’s PlayStore, consumers can deliver various items of all shapes and sizes. Lalamove can help deliver anything from personal belongings to business inventories with their fleet of motorcycles, cars and lorries. They will be adding vans to their fleet very soon.

Apart from having point to point dispatch, there’s also a Buy4U service where you can get Lalamove to order food or retail goods (worth up to RM200 by car, or up to RM100 by motorbike) and have it delivered directly to you. This is a great alternative if you wish to order food that’s not covered by the existing food delivery platforms. Lalamove also offers high-volume delivery for businesses as well as moving service.

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For more info, you can check out Lalamove Malaysia’s website.

Alexander Wong