ViewQwest offers 100Mbps fibre broadband with static IP from RM128/month

ViewQwest has officially expanded its fibre broadband reach in Malaysia with new plans that run on the national High-Speed Broadband (HSBB) network. At the moment, they are rolling out in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, and they will expand to other cities across 2019 to 2020.

ViewQwest, which is recognised as Singapore’s fastest ISP by Ookla, strongly believes that reliable, truly unlimited, high-quality high-speed broadband should be a basic expectation for consumers. To offer the best experience, the provider is committed in its conviction that there’s no need for any form of network shaping, bandwidth caps or strict data traffic management policies that restrict user activities at any time. As a result, customers can enjoy the full potential of their home broadband at any time of the day with unrestricted download speeds.

For now, they are offering 100Mbps fibre broadband that comes in 24 months and 36 months contract options. You also get to choose between an ASUS AC1200G+ router worth RM400 or an ASUS Lyra Trio (2-pack) Mesh WiFi system worth RM1,050.

Unlike most broadband plans that come with dynamic IP, ViewQwest is bundling a free static IP address worth RM200/month. Do note that upload speeds are lower at 50Mbps.

If you’re taking the ASUS AC1200G+ router on 36-month contract duration, the monthly fee costs RM128/month but you get additional 3 free months subscription. The free subscription will kick in after your original contract period, which means that your 37th, 38th and 39th month will be free of charge. If you calculate the total subscription fee for the first 39 months, this calculates to an average of RM118.15/month before 6% SST.

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The provider will be rolling out faster broadband speeds of up to 800Mbps in the coming months. Similar to its current offering, the faster options will be introduced first in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru before it is made available across the entire HSBB coverage area.

Below is the full list of broadband plans that are sorted based on the type of router:

ASUS AC1200G+ Router
100Mbps (24 months) – RM138/month (Free 3 months)
100Mbps (36 months) – RM128/month (Free 3 months)
300Mbps (24 months) – RM178/month (Free 4 months)
300Mbps (36 months) – RM168/month (Free 5 months)

ASUS Lyra Trio (2-pack) Mesh WiFi
100Mbps (24 months) – RM158/month (Free 3 months)
100Mbps (36 months) – RM148/month (Free 3 months)
300Mbps (24 months) – RM208/month (Free 4 months)
300Mbps (36 months) – RM198/month (Free 5 months)
500Mbps (24 months) – RM248/month (Free 4 months)
500Mbps (36 months) – RM238/month (Free 5 months)
800Mbps (24 months) – RM318/month (Free 4 months)
800Mbps (36 months) – RM308/month (Free 5 months)

If you’re interested, you can check out ViewQwest’s website.

Alexander Wong