Digi launches Home Fibre Broadband in Sabah, up to 1Gbps

After conducting several pilot rollouts in selected areas such as Jasin, Subang, Rawang and Kajang, Digi has officially launched its commercial fibre broadband offering in Sabah. The plan starts from as low as RM89/month for 50Mbps with a special bundle plan and they even offer higher speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The plans are similar to what we’ve seen before and the base plan costs RM99/month for 50Mbps, RM129/month for 100Mbps, RM159/month for 500Mbps and 1Gbps for RM199/month. All plans come with unlimited quota with symmetrical upload speeds for both 50Mbps and 100Mbps options. The upload speed for the higher 500Mbps and 1Gbps plans is 200Mbps.

You can enjoy additional savings of up to RM20/month if you sign up for the fibre plan together with an eligible postpaid plan. With the bundle offer, you can get RM10 off on the 50Mbps plan subscription fee and RM20 off on the 100Mbps plan and above.

At the very minimum, you can subscribe to a Digi Postpaid 80 (RM80/month) and a Digi Home Fibre 50Mbps (RM89/month after discount) for RM169/month. This promotion is available until 30 September 2019.

According to Digi’s CMO, Loh Keh Jiat, high-speed connectivity is of key importance to Sabahans with customers consuming an average of 11.4GB data monthly. He said that customers in Sabah can continue to choose Digi as their preferred mobile connectivity provider as Digi Home Fibre gives them the opportunity to serve Sabah residence with the best value, seamless and consistent internet experience in and outside the home.

At the moment, Digi’s 4G LTE network covers 84% of the population while its LTE-A network covers 66% of the population. In addition, Digi also operates 132 internet centres nationwide and six of them are located in Beluran, Tawau, Semporna and Sandakan in Sabah.

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For more info, visit Digi’s Fibre Broadband page for Sabah residents.

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