Meet LamboPlace, a new e-commerce platform that emphasises “experience”

A new e-commerce player has come to town in the shape of LamboPlace, a Malaysian e-commerce marketplace that is looking to encourage “healthier shopping habits”—they’re focusing on providing a good experience for online shoppers with genuine and trusted products.

According to LamboPlace CEO, Dato’ Jason Yap, they’re looking to ensure a better reach to customers through careful curation of merchants and products on the platform, with peace of mind assured.

“Amidst the various products available on numerous e-commerce marketplaces today, LamboPlace wants to provide savvy Malaysian shoppers access to their preferred and trusted brands. Through our carefully curated merchant list, we look to offer all our users the peace of mind to shop with us for original lifestyle products.”

These merchants will include Sony, HLK, Tudung2u, and more. There is also an interesting selection of products on sale, with local entrepreneurs part of the merchant selection on the e-commerce platform. Carol Fung, head of SME Adoption at the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), spoke to Dato’ Jason Yap on stage to explain the importance of encouraging Malaysian entrepreneurs through e-commerce, saying:

“You have to work hand-in-hand, you cannot work alone.”

A key partner of the LamboPlace, which was officially launched today, is mobile e-wallet, Boost. Hanson Toh, Director of Strategy & Special Projects at Boost, was present of the launch and revealed that Boost users—estimated at around 5 million—will see notifications that point them towards LamboPlace coming soon.

LamboPlace tells us that in an effort to streamline shoppers’ experience, there won’t be multiple listings for the same product—something that they feel will give them the edge over rivals in the market. In addition to that, they have an in-house logistics solution, LamboMove, which will cater to customers in the Klang Valley. According to Calvin Khoo, Director of LamboMove, they’ll strive to get same-day-deliveries done—the target is 6 hours.

The LamboPlace company was founded in August 2018, with the official launch of the e-commerce platform today; the MOU between LamboPlace and Boost was also signed during the ceremony. Ryan De Lisle, a senior VP at LamboPlace, explained that Malaysia is their key market, with a “planned approach” to take place to ensure a good experience for users before further expansion.