All Streamyx customers will be billed RM69/month beginning September 2019

Following its initial announcement during Kembara Digital Malaysia, TM has announced a price reduction for all Streamyx customers. Effective next month, all Streamyx customers will be billed RM69/month.

The price revision will be effective to all customers regardless of what speed you’re on. On top of that, TM will bump up your existing speeds up to 8Mbps if it’s technically possible. The price reduction comes with no new additional contract for all customers. This new plan will be branded as Unifi Lite instead of Streamyx.

If you have existing free calls with your base plan, TM tells us that it will be retained as well. Any optional add-ons or services that you’ve subscribed to will be charged on top of the RM69/month amount.

For new subscribers, this new Unifi Life plan will be offered for RM89/month. The new pricing is only applicable to residential users and TM will make another announcement for SME users at a later date.

During the #khabarbaik event, TM emphasised that the price reduction is just an interim solution as TM is embarking on a new network rollout which will improve broadband experience for all remaining customers by 2021. By end 2020, 70% of existing Streamyx customers will be upgraded to Unifi and they target to upgrade everyone by 2022. The new network rollout will involve multiple technologies including fibre, wireless and GigaWire.

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Alexander Wong