What smartphone does the current Yang Di-Pertuan Agong use?

His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong was recently spotted at KFC in Temerloh, Pahang and many were touched by his humility. It is not every day that you get to see the King of Malaysia ordering a three-piece chicken set. Photos of his visit were posted on the National Palace’s Instagram account and we can’t help but notice His Majesty’s smartphone. That got us curious again and we did some forensic work to figure out what smartphone does our humble King use.

Like most of us, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong also uses a case for his phone and it appears to be a folio type. If we take a closer look, there’s a rectangular cut out at the rear which indicates that it is a multi-camera device with a horizontal layout.

Based on this layout, we can rule out the device being an iPhone or a Huawei as both use a vertical camera layout or a 2×2 cube camera layout for the Mate 20 series. With those devices out of the way, it is likely that His Majesty is using a Samsung. At the moment, there are 3 possibilities – the Galaxy Note8, the Galaxy Note9 or the Galaxy S10 series.

Left to Right: Galaxy Note8, Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S10+

If we look at the closeup below, the cut-out is not so wide and if this is a Galaxy Note9, there would have been an extended cutout to make way for the centre-mounted fingerprint sensor. If His Majesty is using a Galaxy S10, the cutout would have been wider as it has to fit three cameras along with the heart-rate sensor and LED flash. Based on what we’ve analysed, it is likely that his Majesty is using a Galaxy Note8 during his visit to KFC. Also visible is a separation in the cut-out which could be the LED flash of the Galaxy Note8.

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