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Malaysians will see drone food delivery trials by end of June

If you live in Cyberjaya, that is. A partnership between local drone company Average Drone and Futurise (managed by Cyberview, a subsidiary of the Finance Ministry) will see food delivery drone trials start from the end of June for a 3-month trial period.

The drone delivery service will only be available within a 2km radius of the Futurise building in Cyberjaya, with Average Drone CEO Hamdee Hamdan explaining that the entire delivery process will only take 12 minutes from order (with a delivery fee of RM2.50).

For the trial period, only 7 types of food will be available for order; noodles, rice, burgers, sandwiches, ‘kuih’ and fruits. However, Hamdee explained to Bernama that this somewhat limited menu will be expanded in due time;

“This is only a test run and after three months we will see how it goes and add on more dishes on the menu,”

Currently, Average Drone is still developing a mobile app for orders—although the app is already at the final draft stage. ‘Express Food’, as the six-propeller drones will called, be manufactured by Average Drone and will also be able to make deliveries under (not-too-heavy) rain, with loads of up to 800g.

According to CEO Hamdee Hamdan;

“If the response is good and the trial project a success, our plan is to then modify each drone to accommodate a weight of up three kilogrammes,”

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