No more Samsung Rewards Points for non-Samsung devices from July

One useful feature of having a Samsung device is Samsung Pay. It allows you to link your credit, debit and even loyalty cards to your Samsung phone and use your phone to make NFC payments. While doing that you earn Samsung Rewards Points that you can use to redeem for things like vouchers, movie tickets and gift cards.

Samsung Pay is also available for Samsung smartwatches or fitness bands that support the feature and if you are using a Samsung smartwatch with a non-Samsung device, you were still able to earn Samsung Rewards Points by making payments using the wearable.

From 9 July 2019, however, users who use their Samsung Gear wearable devices with non-Samsung phones will not be able to earn points anymore. The Samsung Gear Pay feature will still be available but you won’t be getting any points if you use it with a non-Samsung device.

This was mentioned in a notice Samsung sent to users. Subsequently, one of the users who received the notice posted it on the lowyat forums.

Notice posted by azhar75 in a forum on

The notice also mentioned that Samsung Gear wearables paired to Samsung devices running Android 5.0 or older will not be able to collect reward points as well. In addition, Samsung advises users who fall within either of these categories to redeem their Samsung Reward Points before 9 July before they expire.

Big thanks to regular tipster @KevinNgTK for the tip!

Amin Ashaari