#khabarbaik: Get double quota on Unifi Mobile postpaid plans for RM8

At today’s #KhabarBaik event, TM has announced a Double Quota campaign for its Unifi Mobile postpaid customers. The promotion was launched in conjunction with the upcoming Ramadan and Hari Raya celebration.

For a limited time, all existing and new Unifi Mobile Postpaid subscribers on their 39 and 59 plans are able to enjoy double the quota by activating an RM8 pass. This pass can be activated via the Unifi Mobile self-care app and portal.

TM has yet to reveal full details of the promotion but if they are indeed offering double of everything for RM8, this means that you should get twice the amount of bundled data, calls and SMS. This offer isn’t applicable to you if you’re on the lower Unifi Mobile 19 and 29 plan.

To recap, the Unifi Mobile 39 plan at RM39/month comes with 5GB (4GB LTE + 1GB LTE/3G) of data, 50 minutes of calls and 25 SMS, while Unifi Mobile 59 comes with 10GB (9GB LTE + 1GB LTE/3GB) of data, 100 minutes of calls and 25 SMS.

For those who are on the Unifi Mobile 99 plan that comes with unlimited quota, calls and SMS, you will be able to enjoy double LTE hotspot quota for free for two months. This means you’ll get 20GB for hotspot use instead of the current 10GB/month quota. This double quota promotion will be available from now until 30th June 2019.

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Alexander Wong