ILLEGEAR Onyx and Selenite series updated with Intel 9th Gen Core i7 Processor and RTX2080 graphics

For fans of ILLEGEAR and their high-end gaming laptops, you’ll be happy to know that the ILLEGEAR Onyx and Selenite are getting a huge upgrade. That’s right, they’ll be getting the latest 9th Gen Intel Core i7 and some of the best graphics card there is, including the RTX 2080.

This ultra-high performing notebook under the ILLEGEAR brand houses some unique features that set it apart from the rest; one of it is the GeneSwitch Brown switch silent mechanical keyboard, which is said to provide excellent tactility and keystroke depth.

For a gaming laptop of this calibre of processing power, it is designed to be an ultra-slim device, with the Onyx being 19.9mm thick and weighing at 1.95kg while the Selenite is slightly bulkier at 25mm thick and weighing at 2.35kg. The additional weight can be easily explained as the Onyx packs a 15.6” Full HD IPS display while the Selenite uses a larger 17.3” Full HD IPS 144Hz display. Both displays are capable of pushing a refresh rate of 144Hz.

If you’re still wondering what sits inside both of these notebooks, both the Onyx and Selenite pack the latest Intel Core i7-9750H, a 512GB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD, 8GB DDR4 RAM and it comes with different variants for graphics processors, with a NVIDIA RTX 2060 variant, RTX 2070 variant and a RTX 2080 Max-Q variant for the Selenite. Both models also come with NVIDIA’s GPU Boost feature.

As for pricing, the ILLEGEAR Onyx with the RTX 2060 is priced at RM6,499 while the RTX 2070 Max-Q variant is priced at RM7,598. Meanwhile, for the Selenite lineup, the RTX 2060 variant is priced is RM6,799 and the RTX 2070 version is going for RM7,998. The top of the line RTX 2080 Max-Q variant comes at RM9,998.

If you’re interested in these powerful gaming laptops, you can learn more on ILLEGEAR’s official website.