Facebook gets a redesign and it comes with Dark Mode

Facebook has just introduced a redesign of its social network platform. Dubbed as FB5, the new interface aims to be simpler, faster and it puts greater focus on communities that matter to you.

The redesign will be putting Groups first and according to Facebook, there are currently more than 400 million Facebook users that are in a group that they find meaningful. The redesigned Groups tab will make discovery better and you can get a personalised feed of activities across all of your groups.

On top of that, Facebook is making group participation easier as you will get recommendations in other sections such as marketplace, Today In, Gaming and Facebook Watch. Users can expect to see more content from groups in their Newsfeed and you can also share content easily to groups directly from the Newsfeed.

Facebook also understands that there are different needs from different communities. For Health Support groups, they are introducing a new feature where you can get admin to post your question without revealing your name. This will enable users to ask sensitive questions while protecting their privacy.

For Job groups, they are introducing a new template for employers to publish vacancies and it also allows candidates to contact prospective employers and to submit their application directly. For gaming groups, Facebook is also introducing a chat feature where users can chat in threads for various topics in the group.

Facebook has also announced dark mode for web which offers a more comfortable viewing experience especially while watching videos. Apart from the interface, Facebook has also tweaked its logo to make it look more lively and modern.

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According to Facebook, the new interface will be rolled out for mobile apps in US and Canada starting today, and it will be available globally later. The desktop version will be rolled out in the next few months.

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