TNG RFID users may face delayed transactions at DUKE highway

If suddenly you’re experiencing unexpected deductions for toll with your Touch ‘n Go eWallet, don’t panic. Touch ‘n Go has acknowledged that there’s a problem on Duke Highway’s RFID lane which causes delay for some transactions.

On TNG’s RFID Pilot Page on Facebook, several users have complained about mysterious credit deductions on their eWallet app. It turns out that these transactions are actually valid and they are deducted for earlier toll charges.

According to TNG, the delay is caused by system issues at Duke Highway that affects the update of transactions from the lane. So it is possible that you could be charged one shot for a barrage of toll transactions that didn’t go through days before.

You can check for the actual transaction date by going to your eWallet Transaction history and check the Transaction reference number.

In the example given above, you can get the date of the transaction (2018 / 10 / 06 – 6th October 2018), followed by the actual time on the right. The “2221” listed above represents 10:21PM.

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Alexander Wong