Maxis 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 800Mbps Home Fibre plans are now available

As reported earlier, Maxis is now rolling out faster fibre broadband plans for home users. Now you can subscribe up to 800Mbps on Maxis and they are also bundling Mesh WiFi for a better WiFi experience.

Previously, the highest home fibre plan was 100Mbps at RM129/month. It comes with unlimited quota and unlimited voice calls. If you have more people at home and require faster speeds, the 300Mbps option is available for RM149/month.

For even faster speeds, Maxis is also offering 500Mbps at RM219/month and 800Mbps at RM299/month. Take note that upload speeds are asymmetrical, so if you’re on a 800Mbps plan, your upload speed is 200Mbps. As usual, the plans are tied with a 24-month contract.

For those subscribing to the 500Mbps plan and above, Maxis is bundling 2 Mesh WiFi (AirTies 4830) for free. Each unit costs RM300 and it is available for purchase for other subscribers.

With Mesh WiFi, this allows you to extend your WiFi coverage throughout your home. According to the product spec sheet, the AirTies 4830 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and it also comes with a Gigabit LAN port.

Maxis recommends that you use 4 mesh WiFi units for larger homes. The AirTies 4830 Mesh WiFi is available for purchase at selected Maxis stores located here.

Maxis has also released a series of “Mr. Wai Fai” videos on their product page which aims to provide tips for you to optimise your home’s WiFi network. For more info, on the new Maxis Home Fibre plans, you can visit their website. You can check if your area is covered with this checker.

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Alexander Wong