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Ookyo no longer offers unlimited voice calls and SMS

UPDATE: We have reached out to Maxis and they had informed us that an unlimited voice call add-on pack for Ookyo will be introduced soon. Below is their statement:

We thank our Ookyo customers for their support. We are planning to introduce an Unlimited Voice Pack for customers who make a lot of voice calls, and will be announcing this via our channels very soon. Stay tuned!


Ookyo is a digital telco brand under Maxis that promises to simply your mobile experience with its unlimited offering. Unfortunately, for those who make a lot of voice calls, it appears that they have stopped offering their unlimited calls and SMS add-on.

Previously, Ookyo subscribers can add RM8/month to enjoy unlimited voice calls and SMS to all local networks. Beginning earlier this month, that add-on is no longer offered and Ookyo has also deleted their FAQ entry for this unlimited voice and SMS bundle.

According to a couple of users in an Ookyo community group on Facebook, the Unlimited Calls and SMS add-on has been discontinued starting 3rd April 2019. As a result, users will have to pay a per use rate of 15 sen/30 seconds for calls and 15 sen per SMS, which are applicable to all local networks.

In a separate posting, it was revealed by a customer service representative that the unlimited calls and SMS bundle were removed due to several factors such as the fraudulent and commercial usages. It is weird that Ookyo couldn’t tackle the abuse without affecting existing users that are using the unlimited plan within fair limits. Furthermore, Maxis is still offering unlimited calls for both Maxis Postpaid and Hotlink Flex Postpaid plans.

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Thanks Steven for the tip!

Alexander Wong