Apple made a series of videos created on the iPad Pro

At first glance, the videos may not seem like much but the interesting thing about them is that they were created using the iPad Pro

A few days back, Apple released a series of video showcasing what you can do with the iPad Pro. There are five videos in total, each about one minute in length.

The videos demonstrate the iPad Pro’s capabilities as a proper, serious, powerful content creation tool. The playlist shows you how you can create presentations with the iPad Pro, write notes, use AR to design interior spaces and even produce a podcast.

At first glance, the minute-long videos may seem like nothing much, covering just the surface level of the potential of the iPad Pro and while Apple doesn’t say it outright in the videos, the interesting thing about the videos is that they were created using the iPad Pro. It is a testament to how capable the Apple tablet really is.

Yes, the iPad Pro is the most expensive iPad Apple has ever sold. Yes, some are plagued with a slight bend right out of the box but if you are considering a device that is just as powerful as a capable laptop but immensely more portable and flexible, there’s nothing in the market like the iPad. Even by iPad standards the new iPad Pro is the best of the breed.

You can check out the playlist here.

Or view them all here:

Amin Ashaari