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The Motorola RAZR might make a comeback next month as a foldable phone

The iconic and sleek Motorola RAZR appears to be making a comeback as early as February 2019. It has been rumoured for quite a while that Motorola, under the ownership of Lenovo, is bringing back the popular flip phone. Unlike Nokia which has recently revived popular classics like the 3310 and 8110, the upcoming RAZR is expected to be a breakthrough device with the use of foldable displays.

According to WSJ, a new RAZR with a foldable screen is expected to be released as an exclusive device with Verizon in the US next month. With its sophisticated display, this new flip phone is expected to be priced around US$1,500 (about RM6,159).

WSJ’s source also mentioned that the device is still being tested and the timing of its release isn’t final. If the February launch is confirmed, there’s a small possibility that Motorola might showcase the device at MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

Motorola’s full-screen flip phone patent filed with USPTO

2019 appears to be the year of flexible smartphones. There’s the Royole Flexpai from China and Samsung will be releasing a foldable device this coming 20th February 2019.

The Motorola RAZR was a best seller with over 130 million units sold but the company couldn’t replicate the same level of success with their newer Android-powered RAZR launched in 2011.

Most smartphones released today are having the same candy-bar form factor and it looks like retro phone designs using a slider and a flip mechanism are slowly making a comeback. Would you consider a full-screen flip phone as your next device? Let us know in the comments.


Alexander Wong