Apple’s AirPower Wireless charger is said to be in production

Apple AirPower

When Apple introduced the iPhone X in 2017, the Cupertino company had also announced the AirPower, a wireless charging mat which allows you to charge your iPhone, your Watch and even your AirPods at the same time. It was supposed to be released sometime in 2018 and then Apple had completely removed the AirPower from their website sometime last year.

While it is safe to assume that this wonder charging mat is dead, now a new rumour has indicated that the AirPower could go on sale very soon.

According to a tweet by @chargerlab below, the AirPower is said to be in production by Luxshare Precision. They added that this is the same company that makes Apple’s AirPods and USB-C cables.

It was earlier reported that Apple had struggled to release the AirPower due to overheating issues related to its multi-coil design. Another rumour speculates that there are also communication issues whereby the mat can’t identify the charge levels of the device it’s charging.

Having the ability to charge multiple devices on a single mat is definitely challenging and it looks like Apple was overly ambitious. Even Samsung had recently introduced a wireless charger duo that can charge two devices but it uses two sets of charging coils that are separated.

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If the rumour of production is true, it looks like Apple has finally solved its technical issues. However, be prepared to fork out a premium as this accessory won’t come cheap.


Alexander Wong