Apple CarPlay users can finally use Malaysia’s favourite navigation app

Huzzah! Congratulations, Apple user-folks who own a car that supports Apple CarPlay. You can finally get a proper navigation service while you’re driving as Waze has finally announced integration with Apple’s CarPlay service.

This announcement comes shortly after Google themselves (Waze’s parent company) revealed that their own Maps would be supported on Apple CarPlay too.

In Malaysia, Waze is easily one of if not the most popular navigation apps — and in fact we have the highest number of Waze users in Asia (top five in the world). It’s a great tool to avoid traffic and best of all — because Malaysia loves to close roads on a whim — it is the most up-to-date navigation application out there because of how community driven it is. Sure, I wish it had Google Maps’ lane navigation, but beyond that I don’t have many complaints.

And now, Apple CarPlay users can experience this too. With the integration, Apple CarPlay users will get access to the full Waze experience that includes setting your home and work favourites, choose alternate routes, report traffic incidents and receive alerts made by other people on the road.

This service will be rolling out starting today (26th September 2018).