You can do more on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 when it’s transformed into PC

This post is brought to you by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a powerful smartphone but did you know that you can turn it into a PC with just a single cable? With Samsung DeX, you can connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a PC-like experience and the whole process is much easier on the Galaxy Note9.

All you need is a single cable

Unlike the previous Samsung DeX, all you’ll need is a simple USB-C to HDMI adapter to project your ideas on a bigger screen. A special dock is not required, and you can connect your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for a full desktop experience. If you prefer to use a USB Keyboard and Mouse, you can get a compatible USB-C to multiport adapter.

Get work done better on the big screen

Whether it’s sending emails or to make changes to your presentation slides, Samsung DeX makes your tasks easier with your trusty keyboard and mouse. Just like a real PC, you can open multiple windows, use keyboard shortcuts and perform drag and drop actions.

Samsung DeX supports a number of apps on the big screen. This includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and you can even access your actual computer via Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Powerful Presentation Tool

Got an important deck to show but left your laptop at home? The Galaxy Note9 has got your back. Using the same USB-C to HDMI dongle, you can hook up your Galaxy Note9 to a projector and run Microsoft Powerpoint directly from your phone.

What’s even better is that the new S Pen is now Bluetooth enabled and you can use it as a clicker to browse through your PowerPoint slides. You won’t have to worry about charging as the S Pen takes only 40 seconds to charge and it can last for 30 minutes.

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No Keyboard and Mouse? No Problem

If you need to make a quick edit and you don’t have a keyboard or mouse with you, the Galaxy Note9 also functions as an input device for Samsung DeX. Just tap on the DeX input option under notifications and you can use the Galaxy Note9’s display as a virtual trackpad and keyboard. You can even use the S Pen for text input or drawing.

Two screens are better than one

When your Galaxy Note9 is hooked up to your monitor, keyboard and mouse, you can still use your smartphone to access your social networking and messaging apps. If there’s an incoming call, you can answer the call without interrupting your Samsung DeX experience.

The Galaxy Note9 is designed to enable you to do bigger things on the go. It’s available now from RM3,699 for 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage and RM4,599 for its range topping model with 8GB RAM and 512GB of storage. For more information, check out the Galaxy Note9 page on Samsung Malaysia’s website.