TM to offer 100Mbps Unifi Broadband for RM129?

UPDATE: TM’s new 100Mbps Fibre broadband plan is now official. Details at the end of the post.

It appears that TM is following Maxis’ footsteps in making their 100Mbps Fibre Broadband plan more affordable to the masses. Currently priced at RM329/month, the 100Mbps Unifi plan is double the price of what Maxis and TIME broadband are offering but that could change in the next couple of days.

According to Amanz, they have received early info that TM is offering 100Mbps Unifi Broadband to new subscribers for only RM129/month. This matches Maxis’ new affordable fibre home broadband plans that also offers 100Mbps for only RM129/month. As seen from the table above, the Unifi 100Mbps plan appears to be available starting 6 September and it will come with unlimited quota along with a free call plan (STD20). There’s no Unifi TV set top box included but you can watch their content via the unifi playTV app.

If you look at the pricing, this is basically the same upgraded offering for existing subscribers that are subscribed on the lowest 10Mbps plan of RM129/month. When TM announced their Unifi Turbo upgrade offer, existing Unifi subscribers can get up to 10X faster speeds for free but that also depends if your premise can support it. As mentioned before, the new TM Turbo plans could look something like this:

100Mbps Unifi – RM129/month (current Unifi 10Mbps)
300Mbps Unifi – RM179/month (current Unifi 30Mbps)
500Mbps Unifi – RM249/month (current Unifi 50Mbps)
800Mbps Unifi – RM329/month (current Unifi 100Mbps)

When we checked Unifi’s website, it looks like they have streamlined their fibre broadband offering to only two options – 30Mbps and 100Mbps. Surprisingly, their 10Mbps Unifi Plan with unlimited quota and 30Mbps Unifi Basic Plan with 60GB of quota are no longer listed. You can still see those plans via Google Cache.

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We are guessing that TM is still updating the page and we expect to see the new revised pricing very soon. After congratulating TM for its new broadband initiatives, TIME has yet to respond with a broadband price revision.

UPDATE: TM’s new 100Mbps is now official. It is RM129/month for 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload with unlimited quota. The plan also comes with 600 minutes of talk time to mobile and fixed line numbers, and TM is also bundling a DECT phone while stocks last. On top of that you also get to pick a unifi TV pack (Varnam+, Aneka+, Ruby+) but you have to watch it via the unifi PlayTV app as the set top box isn’t included.


Alexander Wong