100Mbps Unifi Pro Plan at RM129/month: Here’s all you need to know

TM has officially unveiled its new affordable 100Mbps Fibre broadband plan that offers unlimited quota at RM129/month. This is essentially a 10Mbps Unifi Lite plan at RM129/month that’s “turboed” with 10X faster speeds. As a comparison, Unifi used to charge RM329/month for 100Mbps.

The Plan

In terms of speed, you’re getting 100Mbps for download and 50Mbps for uploads. Also included is 600 minutes of voice calls that you can use for both mobile and fixed line numbers. Once you’ve depleted your 600 minutes, additional calls costs 10sen/minute, but calls to TM fixed numbers are still free of charge.

According to the product page, a DECT Phone is provided for free but while stocks last.

Despite promising speed upgrades of up to 800Mbps for existing Unifi subscribers, TM is only offering 100Mbps as its highest plan. New Unifi subscribers are only limited to two choice – a RM79/month plan with 60GB quota or RM129/month plan with unlimited quota. Do note that these are not promo prices and they are permanent until you change to a different plan.

Similar to the original Unifi Lite plan, TM isn’t bundling a Unifi TV set-top-box but you’re getting a Unifi TV Pack (Varnam+, Aneka+ or Ruby+) that you can watch via the Unifi playTV app.

If you prefer to watch Unifi TV on the big screen, you can add-on RM30/month to get the set-top-box and access to all channels. With this new arrangement, new subscribers can sign up for a faster Unifi plan without getting the extra set-top-box. This is great for those who are not interested in the IPTV service.

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Also mentioned is a “High performance Wireless Router”. TM’s customer service couldn’t provide more details but we are guessing that it could be a dual-band (2.4GHz/5GHz) router.

You can learn more on the Unifi product page.


At the moment, the new 100Mbps plan is only available for new subscribers and you can subscribe if there are available ports in your area. As of July 2018, there are 1.4 million available ports nationwide and at that time, there are 1.13 million Unifi subscribers. You can check for availability at your nearest TMpoint.

Existing subscribes can switch to Unifi Pro Plan

When we called TM’s hotline at 100, we are told that TM will be making an announcement for existing users by next week. According to the official twitter account at @helpmeunifi, it appears that existing subscribes can switch to the new RM129 plan starting today at your nearest TMpoint.

However, you’ll be tied with a new 24-month contract and do note that you won’t be getting any Turbo Speed upgrade.

When our colleague, Hanif, from SoyaCincau BM went to TMpoint to change his plan, he was told to come back later on 12 September 2018.

In case you missed it, current Unifi subscribers will be getting free Turbo upgrade with up to 10X faster speeds. The upgrade exercise is currently rolled out in stages and it’s also subjected to technical limitations at your location. You can learn more about the speed upgrade here.

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Comparison with Maxis Fibre Broadband

For the 100Mbps plan, both providers are offering 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload with unlimited quota for the same price of RM129/month. The difference is that Maxis is offering unlimited calls to both mobile and fixed numbers, while TM is only offering 600 minutes of voice calls (Calls to TM fixed lines are still free after finishing the 600 minutes allocation).

When it comes to content, TM has Unifi TV but you’ll need to watch it via the Unifi PlayTV app for this affordable 100Mbps plan. If broadband and calls are the only things you’ll need, then this might not matter for you.

In case you missed it, TIME is also offering 100Mbps at RM129/month for a limited time. This could be an alternative option if your home is covered by their 100% fibre network.

If you’re an existing Unifi customer, would you stay or would you switch to other providers? Let us know in the comments below.

Alexander Wong