Need professional help with your iPhone and iPad? There’s an app for that

Apple Support Malaysia

When you buy an Apple product, you always expect top notch customer service from its authorised service providers. I personally had issues with my old iPhone 5 and 1st gen Apple Watch, which they have replaced for free despite being out of warranty.

Sometimes these issues are unavoidable but what matters most is the way they solve your problem. To enhance its customer service experience, Apple has released its Apple Support app for Malaysia. This acts as a one-stop app for personalised assistance.

The Apple Support app connects to your Apple ID and you can view all iOS devices under your account. You can learn tips and tricks such as managing your photo storage, doing quick video edits or how to check your current subscriptions on iTunes.

If you have problems with your device, the app has frequently asked questions to guide you through. Since it connects to your Apple ID, the app will only show information that’s relevant to you and your devices.

For further assistance, you can even chat with Apple support or have them call you back at a time that’s convenient for you. If the issue can’t be solved remotely, the app can help find the nearest authorised service provider and you can book an appointment at your preferred time.

You can also check for warranty status for all connected devices and find out when it’s expiring. The Apple Support app is available for free on the AppStore.

Alexander Wong