Pay less for TM bills starting next month

As we all know, the Ministry of Finance has made an announcement that GST will be zero-rated from 1 June 2018. With that, Telekom Malaysia (TM) has just announced that they will be complying the 0% GST charge for all their services as well. This covers all TM products including Unifi Broadband, Unifi Wireless and Unifi Mobile (formerly Webe).

Having GST reduced to 0% means that you get some savings on your monthly bill. For instance, if you are subscribing to Unifi’s Advance Plan with 30Mbps that has a monthly billing of RM179, you’ll only have to pay the exact price of RM179 (save RM10.74) instead of RM189.74 with 6% GST. Similarly, Unifi Pro Plan 100Mbps subscribers will only need to pay RM329/month (save RM19.74) instead of RM348.74/month with 6% GST.

However, with the soon to be introduced Sales & Service Tax (SST), we might see an adjustment again. No specific dates on when and how SST will be implemented, hence, we would advise you to sit back and enjoy the savings for now.

Customers will receive the new 0% GST rate according to their respective billing cycle after 1st June 2018.

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